Aqua-Comfort Cornflower

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This multi-purpose facial mist is a certified natural hydrolat to infuse your skin with the refreshing, calming, and soothing properties of Cornflower.

Use it on the your face, body, hair, and scalp.



Aqua-Comfort Cornflower is a unifying element in your skincare routine. It infuses the skin with highly potent restorative properties of Cornflower. It refreshes dull and fatigue skin, hydrates dry skin and decongests the skin. It also works as a refreshing mist and toner to enhance the efficacy of subsequent serums, oils, and moisturisers.

Check out usage tips for ways to use this versatile hydrolat.

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Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water

Soothes and tightens pores, regulates sebum secretion, and restores skin radiance.

After cleansing and drying the skin, spray Aqua-Comfort Cornflower directly on the skin, pat lightly until fully absorbed, then continue with other bSoul products. For the body's skin, spray on the skin after a shower.

Aqua-Comfort is a product sensitive to light and heat, it is recommended to keep it in the fridge and use it within 3 months. For external use only, keep out of reach of children.

Usage Tips:

As a toner: to eliminate limestone residues, simply spray Aqua-Comfort Cornflower on the face, neck, and décolleté after thoroughly cleansing the skin.

To relieve dry and mature skin on the body, spray on the skin before applying bSoul body cream.

For the eyes: To drain eye bags, reduce redness and swelling of the skin around the eyes, soak two cotton pads with Aqua-Comfort Cornflower, apply them to the eyes and leave on for at least 5 minutes.

After-sun care: to soothe congestion and inflammation after a day in the sun, spray on the skin before applying after-sun care creams.

To enhance the effect of face masks: spray on clean skin before applying masks.

Centaurea cyanus flower water (*), Benzyl alcohol, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate

* ingredient of biological origin

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