3 Healthy Living Tips For Great Skin!

3 healthy living tips for great skin!

Meet Risa Leong, Co-Founder of the Holistic Anti-Ageing Project. One look at her skin and it’s apparent that Risa looks much younger than her 30-something years. That’s one of the perks of working in a company that specialises in anti-ageing since it was founded in 2008.  

She shares how natural health is the key to natural beauty, and how the super trinity of good nutrition, regular exercise and living a healthy lifestyle accompanied by the right natural beauty products are essential for holistic healing from the inside-out. I even quiz her on her personal beauty treatment regime and find out what she eats to keep that healthy glow about her.

I’ve never heard of Holistic Anti-Ageing Project before. How will I know your natural beauty products will really work?  

Try them! Forget all the marketing hype that conglomerates have used to ‘teach’ us about what works. Use our products without biasness and experience them yourself.  

What is the secret to the “fountain of youth”?

There is no secret. The key to healthy living is a combination of nutrition, cutting down on processed food, using products that contain less chemicals in our daily life, living a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly, going for massages to improve blood circulation so your skin looks better, and surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh.

As an expert in the area of skincare and beauty, please rate in order of importance the most crucial elements in maintaining youth: Nutrition, exercise, beauty products.   

#1 – Food: We are what we eat. Natural health is the key to natural beauty.

#2 – Exercise: Our body is an intricate transportation network designed to move blood, oxygen, toxins and everything really. Exercising helps us keep this internal network functioning smoothly. Our brain releases happy hormones when we exercise, and a happy person is always youthful and attractive. I would also recommend getting regular massages for holistic healing. Massages help to release the tension in overworked and underworked tissues, which not only help the body combat stress and relieve chronic pain, but also keeps it functioning optimally.

#3 – Beauty products: 70% of the skin’s appearance is directly affected by what it comes into direct contact with. The rest of the 30% is related to nutrition, hormones and lifestyle choices like opting for organic skincare where possible. What’s interesting is that many people don’t know that hormonal imbalance in women can even be addressed by natural beauty products like our Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream.

What is your own organic skincare/beauty treatment regime like?


+ Cleanse with bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser.

+ bSoul BX Plus for the eyes, to deal with dark circles that I develop from sleeping late.

+ bSoul Uniform Sinergy or bSoul Ultra Bright Serum to brighten the skin and protect me from the photo-ageing effects of UV rays.

+ bSoul Hydra Comfort Cream to restore my skin’s balance of water and oil.

+ If I have important meetings or events to attend, I will complete the routine with bSoul BB Hydra-Repair Cream.


+ Cleanse with bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser.

+ bSoul Nutri-Lift on the eyes, to combat fine lines around the eyes.

+ bSoul Redness Sinergy to provide antioxidant defence against free radicals, which helps to fight premature ageing.

+ bSoul Hydra Age to replenish oils that my skin has lost during the day through perspiration.

+ I also use the bSoul 3Action Face Scrub once every three days.

Your skin does look very healthy and radiant. Besides your skincare routine, please share what are the top three foods you eat for their anti-ageing properties?

#1 – Fruits: As wide a variety as possible. They are rich in essential minerals, antioxidants, fibre, natural sugars, juices and they taste really good!

#2 – Chinese herbal soups: A variety of them. Homecooked so that you can control the type and quality of ingredients that are used. I drink them not because of their scientific proven benefits. I drink them because my grandma is as fit as a fiddle at 90 because she drinks soup, and my parents look younger than their peers because they drink soup. So I drink soup, too.

#3 – Chinese tea: Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.

These are some of my healthy living tips for good skin and youth and I hope you benefit from them too!