4 Common Factors That Affect Weight Loss, Regardless of Your Age


Losing weight can get more and more difficult as you get older, even with healthier lifestyle choices that you have made. There are both scientific and Traditional Chinese explanations for this. Let’s explore the reasons for weight gain and the four most common factors affecting those who are trying to lose weight.


Why We Gain Weight as We Age

Scientific Explanation   
Your basal metabolic rate, that is the number of calories we burn just by being alive, decreases with age. Coupled with a less active lifestyle as you get older, you may lose some muscle mass. The lean muscles have a higher metabolic rate, which helps to lose weight faster. On the flip side, the more lean muscles you lose, your metabolic rate goes south.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Angle

Chinese medicine believes the inability to lose weight is commonly linked to a deficiency in spleen Qi. This means a weak digestive system, affecting your body’s ability to absorb and transport food effectively. Symptoms of spleen Qi deficiency include feeling tired often, lethargic and hungry often. And eating more, even when you are eating healthy, eating too often makes weight loss harder.


The Four Most Common Factors

Stress affects metabolism and raises your blood sugar, and can affect behaviour patterns such as a craving for comfort food or skipping your regular exercise sessions. Stop living in a constant state of worry, take a walk if you are not able to exercise, and practice taking a few minutes of deep breathing.


While you do not have to cut off alcohol consumption completely, alcohol is something you can overdo without realising how many calories you have added to your body. Furthermore, alcohol can stop your body from burning fats properly. Because calories in alcohol cannot be stored, calories in alcohol will be first burnt by your body. This means the rest of the calories that can be converted into fat are more likely to be stored than used up. Alcohol also makes you feel hungry faster as it stimulates your appetite, making all food look more delicious to you.


Activity Level
Running 5 kilometres a day will not help you in your long term weight management if you cannot keep up with it. A workout that you enjoy, can fit into your schedule consistently, is a workout that you are most likely to stick to. Any type of movement and activity counts, as long as you can do it consistently, regardless of whether it is HIIT workouts at home, hitting the gym, or just brisk walking.


Weight loss is not quite a solo project. Working out with like-minded people with the same weight loss goals is akin to having a team of cheerleaders to support you. This can actually make a big difference to your weight loss objectives. Working out in a group gives you daily and weekly support from the coaches and like-minded friends. This support squad can join you in making healthier food choices and celebrate hitting our weight loss milestones, bringing more joy to your weight loss journey.


Products for Weight Loss Support

Losing that Hormonal Weight Gain
Hormones support many vital functions including the ability to maintain muscle mass, lose body fat, and experience stress. Hormonal imbalance makes it considerably harder for you to lose weight, even with a good workout programme scheduled. The balance between estrogen and progesterone can have an impact on fat loss, with high estrogen levels causing weight gain and fatigue, the latter can lead to a lowered motivation to stick to your workout routine. Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream can support the balance of these two key hormones. Apply this herbal moisturiser before your sleep on your neck, breasts, inner arms, lower abdomen, back, and inner thighs and you will notice a significant improvement in hormonally related water retention and fat gain problems.


Work on Stubborn Adipose Tissues
Stubborn fat at the hips, thighs, and butt are the hardest to lose, even if you have made progress and your upper body has thinned out nicely. bSoul Redux Oil, a certified natural blend of 10 essential oils such as cypress and pepper, helps your body to improve the metabolism of the fats stored right underneath your skin. Apply on those stubborn areas after your bath daily. If you feel knotted like bumps underneath the areas with stubborn fats, you add bSoul Sculpt Activator, a serum that gets deep into the fat cells and breaks them into smaller pieces so your body can metabolise them more effectively.