5 Reasons Your Skin is Dull and How to Get The Glow Back


Your skin’s appearance affects your self-confidence and is a mirror of your overall health. You can easily identify a dull complexion when your skin has a yellowish hue and lacks vibrancy. There are several different reasons, some are skin deep, while others are caused by lifestyle reasons. Let’s understand the causes and their remedies.


Cause #1: Damaged Skin Barrier

When the protective top layer of your skin is weakened, a cascade of problem occurs that causes your skin to look less glowing than before. One of which is skin dehydration.

When your skin barrier is compromised, it is not able to hold moisture as well as before. Loss of water from the lower epidermis and dermis layers causes the skin to become dehydrated and dull. Think about how dehydrated vegetables look, that is the same that happens to your skin when it does not have enough moisture.


Take proactive steps to rebuild and strengthen your skin barrier. This is relatively easy to do, if you know how. Use cleansers that clean your skin without stripping your skin’s natural oil, while maintaining a healthy pH level. Alternatively, you can start on bSoul Physiological Normalisation Kit, a set of products put together to specifically rebuild and strengthen your skin barrier.


Cause #2: Build Up of Too Much Dead Skin Cells

Your skin naturally sheds away dead skin cells every 28 days. But as you age, the rate at which these dead skin cells are being shed slows down. The turnover of your skin is further slowed down if your skin barrier is weakened or does not have the correct balance of water, oil and pH. This thickened layer of dead skin cells prevents your skin from reflecting light and your skin looks less radiant as a result.


Exfoliate your skin once every 2 days, 3 times a week. Use scrubs with Jojoba wax grains as they are effective exfoliants and are mild for all skin types. If you have thinner skin, you can use exfoliators with mild AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) and BHA (beta hydroxyl acids) to exfoliate. Do not rub or massage the exfoliators if you have thin skin, spreading them on your face and leaving them on for the suggested duration is good enough.


Cause #3: Chronic Dehydration

A lack of intake of water can cause the skin to be dehydrated even when your skincare routine is spot on. Regular consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also spell trouble for your complexion as they are also known for their skin drying properties.


Remember to drink about 8 to 9 glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration of the skin. Do not overdo your coffee and wine, keep your coffee to 2 cups a day and your wine, a glass a day.


Cause #4: Hormonal Changes

Chronic stress can hurt your body. Putting your body to long periods of stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol in your body. This hormone suppresses your immune system and speeds up metabolism, causing long term damage to your health and your skin is the first organ to show it. Your skin develops a yellowish hue and gradually loses its natural radiance.

Furthermore, a consistent lack of sleep will cause your complexion to become dull. When you sleep, your body releases hormones that promote the growth of new skin cells. Collagen regeneration slows down and your skin layer starts to flatten. A less dense and compact skin can look lacklustre and tired.


Take time to indulge yourself with some self-care and me-time in this demanding environment. Spend thirty minutes exercising every two days, if you can, exercise every day. Exercise and any physical activity produce the hormones endorphins in your body. These hormones improve your quality of sleep and help to reduce stress. Other selfcare activities that release endorphins are massages, mediation and three minutes of deep breathing a day.  
Get good quality sleep by going to bed at the same time every night and get seven to eight hours of sleep. Use a sleep app on your phone to help you get into the routine. Avoid using your digital devices before bedtime as the blue light they emit increase wakefulness and affects your body’s natural sleep rhythm. You can spray natural lavender mist onto your pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Cause #5: Environmental Damage and Light Pollution

Air pollution caused by vehicle exhaust, manufacturing, cigarette smoke and many other human activities can trigger a cascade of damage on your skin’s surface. Some pollutants are small enough to get into the pores of your skin and cause chronic damage. These pollutants produce numerous free radicals in the air and can get into your skin to harm your cells. Over time, your skin starts to look dull and uneven, without even you realising.
Blue light exposure is a new culprit. Blue light from your devices is very damaging for your skin. The devices are only inches away from your skin, the blue light emitted cause the skin cells to gradually lose their metabolic and renewal ability.


Include skincare products that are formulated specially to protect your skin from environmental damage and air pollution. IOMA Vitality Shot is an easy to use serum that stops pollution damage and increases skin radiance immediately. Blend it with your day cream or makeup foundation before applying on your face, or, you can apply it directly on your face without blending. If you do not have a skincare product that acts as a shield against blue light, it is best to have it in your skincare routine. We highly recommend IOMA City Mist and IOMA Mon Serum duo to protect and reduce damage caused by excessive blue light exposure.