5 Habits That Worsen Dark Eye Circles


Dark circles are one of those skincare headaches that bother most of us. Dark eye circles can cause you to look older and more tired in appearance. These dark circles appear for a number of reasons but they can worsen due to bad habits. It is possible to identify the habits you need to break to lessen their occurrence and use the appropriate skincare remedies for dark circles.


Types of Dark Circles

There are two types of dark circles with different underlying causes.

The first type is vascular dark eye circles which are caused by the blood vessels below the skin. As the skin under the eyes is the thinnest, the blood vessels here are closer to the surface therefore they look darker. The severity of the dark circles depends on the blood circulation around the eye area. This type of dark circles is not a skin issue.

The second type of dark circles is pigmented dark circles, caused by excess melanin in the skin of the lower eyelid. This is known as periorbital hyperpigmentation.


The 5 Deadly Sins That Cause Dark Circles To Worse

Cleansing the under-eye area wrongly

It can be challenging to remove traces of make-up and waterproof mascara under the eyes. You may not be gentle enough on your skin without knowing. By rubbing too hard or putting too much pressure when you are removing eye makeup can damage the microcapillaries around your eyes, leading to inflammation and poorer blood circulation, causing dark circles to be more noticeable. We recommend IOMA Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover that removes eye make-up while soothing the skin under the eye to reduce dark circles. It also contains Widelash™, an ingredient that increases the volume and length of eyelashes.


Applying products too harshly on the eye area
The skin around the eye is the thinnest, you should handle it as gently as possible. When applying your favourite eye cream and eye serum, use gentle patting and tapping motions. Avoid dragging along the under-eye area as risk capillary damage and fine lines from forming. Another common mistake is using the pointer or middle finger to apply products. These are the strongest fingers and you may end up using too much pressure to apply your eye products unknowingly. Use your ring finger, which has a more delicate touch. Another option is to use a wand applicator. The bSoul Hydra-lift serum cream has a rollerball that helps to depuff and can be used as part of a wonderful eye massage.


Not massaging the eye area regularly
If you suffer from sinusitis or nose allergies, you can have poor microcirculation around the eyes, impacting the amount of oxygen under the eye area, causing more dark circles from vascular reasons. In this case, it is necessary to regularly massage the eye sockets as it can improve blockages and microcirculation. Using specific serums and creams that improve microcirculation such as caffeine can help. IOMA Flash Youth Eye Contour Concrete, formulated with Encapsulated Caffeine at 50% concentration, is a great protector against oxidation and fades dark circles effectively.


Bad sleeping habits
Sleeping too late, at uncertain times or using mobile devices just before bedtime can impair your sleep quality. When you don’t sleep well or sleep too late, your skin can get paler and the dark circles become more visible. Practice good sleep hygiene to help you reduce stress hormones, anxiety and allow your body to rest better at night. Not only would you wake up to a fresher set of eyes, but your skin also looks more hydrated and radiant.


You are smoking
Smoking is the cause of many accelerated ageing skin concerns. Besides turning your skin yellow, smoking can decrease blood flow to the skin tissues. This decreased in blood circulation can cause the formation of dark circles. Furthermore, the chemical compounds in the cigarettes can cause an increase in the formation of free radicals and inflamm-ageing, decreasing skin elasticity and making dark circles appear more obvious.


Final Note

Developing good eye care and lifestyle habits can help you to manage your dark circles effectively in the short and long term. Medical aesthetic procedures may be your last resort, however, if your lifestyle changes are not improved, dark circles can return quickly.