5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is one of those panic-inducing words that has been freaking out women of all ages for years. Cellulite causes the skin on your thighs, hips, butt to look like orange peel. It’s tough to get rid of it I have to admit and cellulite can appear for various reasons. Some of the main reasons are:

•    Total body fats
•    Poor diet
•    Lack of proper exercise
•    Hormone changes
•    Slow metabolism
•    Poor microcirculation
•    Density and the colour of the skin

There are many ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Visiting the aesthetic doctor and spending money is one option. Another is buying heavily marketed creams from your nearest pharmacy. There are little verification that such treatments work permanently. But opting for a much cheaper and natural way to reduce cellulite is a win-win situation for all. Here are 5 natural quick ways to reduce cellulite.

1.    Keeping your Body Hydrated

Water is one component that can heal anything. Cellulite has toxins in it. Drinking adequate amount of water per day is enough to flush out toxins from the body, maintaining a healthy glow, and a stronger immune system. Moreover, drinking enough water keeps your skin well hydrated and fresh. Add lemon into your water for extra zest.

Drink 2 litres, or approximately 8 glasses of water per day

2.    Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a great way to stimulate blood circulation, brush off dead skin, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Dry brushing is one of the most affordable options to stimulate lymphatic drainage and remove build-ups from the toxins in the body, thus, leaving your skin cellulite free, and glowing.

  • Take a natural bristle brush and softly brush starting from your feet and stopping at your shoulders. You can also brush in a counter-clockwise motion while brushing up, and especially on your stomach. Do it for five minutes, once a day, and of course, before shower or before going to bed.
  •  Make sure both the brush and your body remain dry during dry brushing.

3.    Daily Moisturizing

Daily moisturizing will assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite from your body, leaving your skin smoother, softer, and better. Regardless of the weather, one should have the daily habit of moisturizing the body. Opt for natural ones rather than chemical infused lotions. For instance, bSoul Hydra Cell works in the deep subcutaneous layers to promote healthy circulation, remove toxins from the body. Massaging this cream daily after a shower will further firm the skin and reduce the sight of cellulite.

For even better results, you can add a few drops of bSoul Sublime Cell Oil and rub it on the cellulite-prone areas to reduce inflammation and enhance microcirculation. your entire body.

4.    Diet Rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 contains fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins that help to build a strong immune system, making skin tissues smooth, eventually reducing cellulite over time. Taking a proper portion of Omega-3 daily will result in a body with less cellulite. Salmon contains Omega-3. If you don’t like to take fish, opt for Cod Liver Oil capsules or syrup. One teaspoon daily, or one capsule daily.

5.    Stay Hormonally Balanced

A well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle promote hormonal balance. And hormones are important not only to stay healthy but also to fight against cellulite. Because we can’t always control our hormone levels, it’s important to understand in detail how they can affect our skin health.
Several hormones that profoundly affect our skin, including oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and thyroid hormones.  Keeping your hormones balanced is crucial, especially as you age, be sure to check against our Hormonal Imbalance Checklist.

Add colours to your meal. Introduce varieties of vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat, and fish. Sleep adequately, and drink plenty of water. Exercise properly, and stay anxiety-free. You will gradually and successfully get rid of cellulite.

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