Does Your Mobile Phone’s Blue Light Damage Your Skin?

Blue Light Damage

Does Your Mobile Phone’s Blue Light Damage Your Skin?

Everyone knows the effects of UVA and UVB have on our skin. Researchers are now saying protection from blue light – from our digital devices – can harm our skin.

Difference Between Blue Light Exposure from the Sun and Our Devices

While blue light emanates from the sun and is rarely harmful to our skin, blue light from our laptops, smartphones, flat-screen TVs is bad for our skin. We average three hours a day on our phones, we are getting significantly more blue light exposure than before. Furthermore, we hold our devices close up to our skin, exacerbating the damage blue light has on our skin.

The Danger With Blue Light

Blue light causes oxidative stress on our skin. This spells bad news as it can contribute to accelerated ageing of our skin. Because blue light can penetrate deeper into our dermis, loss in firmness and an increase in visible lines can results. With excessive free radicals, our skin develops a dull, lethargic colour, and we end up having a tired-looking skin.

Another way blue light can cause trouble to our skin is the increase in pigmentation. Excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) can cause our skin to produce more melanin as a protective response, inducing unsightly pigmentation as a result.

How to Protect Your Skin from Blue Light Damage

Look for serums loaded with antioxidants, especially those specially formulated to counter oxidative stress. Certified natural skincare brand bSoul’s Chrono-lift Serum contains MossCellTec that strengthens our skin against urban aggressors.
Adopt a skincare routine with a three-pronged approach. 

  1. Strengthening the skin barrier, if you have not already done so. This can be done with a pH balancing cleanser and a barrier repairing moisturiser.
  2. Use serums formulated with ingredients proven to protect your skin against pollutants. IOMA’s Mon Serum, containing Peruvian pink pepper extract to fight pollution, and Indian Ginseng extracts to protect the skin against the detrimental effects of blue light. Or use an anti-pollution face mist such as IOMA’s City Mist a few times a day. 

  3. Sleep with skincare with formulations that repair and prevent the visible damage of blue light, aggressors and pollution. For example, IOMA’s Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate works to repair the skin’s accelerated slackening caused by blue light. With hyaluronic acid of 3 different molecular weights and powerful antioxidants, bSoul Chrono-lift Mask repairs the skin tired from free radical damage.