Exercise and Your Immune System


Exercise can help you to maintain your overall good health and a healthy immune system. It is everyone’s assumption why you are physically it, you are healthier. Exercise affects your immunity, in both good and bad ways. Let us explore how exercise affects your immune system.


Exercise Regulates Your Stress Hormones

When you exercise, it reduces the release of stress hormones like cortisol. The reduction in these hormones reduces the body’s inflammatory response and allow your immune system to do its job properly. Inflammation can overwork your immune system and cause it not to be able to keep out the viruses and bacteria that attack your body, resulting in you falling sick more easily. Exercising increases the happy hormones such as endorphins, allowing your body to perform its immunity role better, keeping illnesses at bay.


How Much Exercise is Too Much

Anything in excess is never good.  When you exercise beyond the level your body can recuperate, you start to put more stress on the body, causing more of those stress hormones to increase. You can be really fit, but if you are not careful, your immune system will start to decline. Our body needs sleep to recover, both the physical parts like our muscles and the non-physical parts, like the immune system. By over-exercising, you risk burning the candle at both ends. Make sure you have enough recovery days in between your workouts, such that you are getting enough exercises as well as rest.


Should You Exercise if You Are Sick?

A decent rule of thumb, is the ‘neck check’, where you can exercise if you are sick from the neck up, but if you are sick from the neck down, it is not wise to exercise. If you have any respiratory illness, avoid exercising.  Gas exchange from the lungs to your cardiovascular system will be compromised and it is best to take time off.


Tips to Support Your Immunity

Hormonal Balance

Endocrinology is probably one of the most difficult aspects of medicine, and it is difficult to explain how hormones affect our body without boring science talk. Applying Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream supports the overall balance of your hormones, including the reduction of cortisol. This award-winning, natural body cream also supports better sleep. When you sleep better, inflammation is reduced, boosting your immune system’s ability to do its job better.


Include More Trace Minerals in Your Diet
Calcium, boron and magnesium are just some of the essential trace minerals that your body requires to work in the right way. They support your immune function by triggering your body’s healing system. You can replenish your daily dose of calcium with Live2Move Organic calcium here.