How To Treat Dark Circles


When it comes to things that make us look older than we really are, dark under-eye circles are definitely one of them. Tackling dark circles are tougher to treat than skin dryness or even acne. Let’s explore the causes of dark circles and the measure you can take to treat or at least reduce them.  


Why Are Dark Circles More Common in Women

Thinner Skin in Women 
Women’s skin is about 25% thinner than men, with less elastin and collagen density, contributing to dark eye circles to appear more prominent. Men are less likely to be affected by such dark discolouration.


Facial Bone Structure

If you have deep inset eyes, the structure of your bone can make shadows under your eyes more obvious and dark circles can appear darker than they are. A strong, overall bone structure can minimize dark circles as it keeps the eye area smooth and taut.


Estrogen dominance can darken the under eye area, so when you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle, there is a good chance that your dark circles will appear. Your dark circles can also act as a useful cue to the status of your body’s estrogen dominance. If you notice dark circles appearing more often than usual, it may be a sign your hormones is out of balance.


Why Do Dark Circles Happen

Natural Ageing
The skin at the eye area is thinner than the rest of the face. As you start to age, you lose some of the fat under the skin and the blood flow underneath the eyes become more visible. The loosening of the skin and increased folds under the eye gives a darker, brown circle under the eyes.


Nasal Congestion
Sinus and other conditions can cause congestion in the small veins under the eyes. The blood below the eye pools and the blood vessels dilate and darken, creating dark circles.  


Rubbing of the Eyes
Hyperpigmentation can be a result be using poor skincare, massaging too hard underneath the eyes or sun damage caused by unprotected exposure.  


How to Improve Dark Circles

Sleep Earlier
Your eyes are the first to show when you do not have enough sleep. Insufficient sleep compromises your circulatory system and the blood vessels under your eyes become stagnant and fluid accumulates. Chronic lack of sleep affects collagen production and the padding underneath the eyes that usually hides the blood vessels can aggravate how the dark circles look.


Lifestyle Changes
Clinical studies show smoking, poor diet, too much caffeine and alcohol can cause inflammation and dehydration that results in the swelling around the eye area. Cut down from the consumption of such food to reduce dark rings and puffiness in the eye area.


Skincare Products
Ingredients that help with the drainage of fluids around the eyes can reduce the effect that leaky blood vessels have on dark circles. bSoul BX Plus serum contains Shadownyl™, an extract from certified organic algae, rejuvenates the eye contour area and reduces the appearance of dark circles. IOMA Flash Eye Concentrate plumps and fills the skin around the eye area, taking action against dark circles and slackening skin.