What are Ceramides and Why They Are Good for Your Skin


What are Ceramides and Why They Are Good for Your Skin

You probably would have heard of ceramides and their use in skincare products. What are they and how do they work for your skin?


What Exactly are Ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty acids called lipids that are naturally found in the stratum corneum of your skin epidermis. They make up 50% of your skin’s composition, along with other lipids found in the stratum corneum, they are extremely involved in the functions of your skin barrier.


What Do Ceramides Do for Your Skin?

Ceramides regular water loss through the skin, ensuring your skin locks in moisture and prevents dryness. They are the cement in your skin to hold the skin together and plays a key role in keeping your skin supple and looking younger. The more ceramides you have, the healthier your skin is and looks.


Why Do I Need Them in My Skincare Since My Skin Has Them?

While your skin produces ceramides, the bad news is your skin lose them over time, especially with age and sun damage. The skin barrier becomes damaged and is not able to perform its natural functions such as locking in moisture and protecting itself from the environment, resulting in a skin that looks and feels rougher. By replenishing the ceramides you have lost, your skin will look younger, firmer, more hydrated and supple.


Do All Skin Types Benefit from Skincare with Ceramides?

Yes! Because ceramides are essential to a healthy skin barrier, all skin types benefit from them. However, those with eczema skin and psoriasis have fewer ceramides in their skin, and there is reason to believe that such type of skin will benefit from ceramides infused skincare. Expect to see improvements such as less irritation and skin that is less dry.


What Products Do We Carry Contain Ceramides?

Ceramides can be derived from plants, animals, and labs. Ceramides from animals can hydrate skin but are not able to teach it to behave younger and healthier. Furthermore, at Holistic AntiAgeing Project, we do not use ingredients derived from animals unless there are no other substitutes (like bee-wax and collagen). Plant-based ceramides can hydrate the skin, but they are not able to teach the skin to create their own ceramides. For this reason, at Holistic AntiAgeing Project, we chose to carry products that contain ingredients such as niacinamide that help to produce ceramides. This includes bSoul’s hydra range of products such as their moisturisers and serums. Furthermore, we believe in ensuring ceramides are not mindlessly removed in your daily skincare routine, which is why we always encourage the use of gentle, non-foaming skin cleansers such as bSoul Hydra Milk Cleanser.