A Toner, Essence or Serum – When To Use What


Curating your own skincare routine does not have to feel like a jigsaw puzzle that cannot be solved. A skincare routine can be as simple as cleansing, exfoliating, applying a serum, moisturizing and masking. Rotating them based on their ingredients and effects depends on your skin needs and condition for the period in question. With a lot more advertisements on the latest and most effective skincare products, you may be confused on what is the difference among them, more importantly, do you really need them? To help you decide, let’s dive in on the differences between a toner, essence and serum.



What Is A Toner?
Most people use toners after a cleanser to remove any traces of impurities that get stuck on the skin after washing their face. Some toners tend to be sold with emulsion-type cleansers that leave traces of synthetic films on the skin, toners are used to remove the traces and health products that are applied later to penetrate into the skin.  Some toners are used to restore the skin’s pH level because hard water (water with high mineral content) is used to wash the face.;


How To Use A Toner?
You can spray the toner onto your hands and tap it into your skin until it’s absorbed. You can also spray some onto a reusable cotton pad and swipe it across your face. Stay away from toners that contain alcohol as they can strip your skin office moisture


Who Should Use It?
You may not need to use a toner at all depending on your cleanser and if you do not use hard water to wash your face. Using a toner can help your face to feel more soothed after washing, if you like the comforted, refreshed feeling on your skin after your cleansing routine, you should you can add a toner to your routine. For organic skincare lovers, bSoul Aqua Comfort is a refreshing hydrolat mist that can function as toners. Some toners contain more advanced ingredients for targeted needs, such as IOMA Brightening Cosmetic Water, which is well-loved for its skin lightening complex and refreshing organic grapefruit water.


What Is An Essence?

An essence is a toner levelled up. It contains additional ingredients to further hydrate your skin, and may also contain other active ingredients for targeted needs. The texture is slightly thicker than a toner but lighter than a serum.


How To Use An Essence?

Use the essence after a toner if your skincare routine requires a toner. Some essence doubles up as a toner, therefore you may not need a toner if you have such an essence in your skincare routine. You can apply it directly onto your hands and spread it across your face.


Who Should Use It?

If you are seeking a toner that comes with more functional benefits for your part that needs, and essence it’s recommended for you. You will love the convenience and functionality of a facial essence. If your skin feels dry after cleansing and you want extra moisture, IOMA Moisturising Skin Care Water further hydrates your skin with coconut extract and ricin oil.



What Is A Serum?

A serum is usually in a more liquid form than a moisturizer. It is formulated to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to target your skin-specific needs. The active ingredients are usually in much smaller molecules and are made with special pharmaceutical-styled delivery mechanisms to deliver the active ingredients into the different layers of the skin. There are many types of serums to help with different skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, etc. Most serums contain really special ingredients, thus are often one of the most premium products in a skincare range.


How To Use A Serum?

A serum is applied after cleansing the skin properly, and after applying toner, if you are using one. Always use a serum before a moisturiser, because the moisturisers will reduce the penetration of serums into the deep layers of your skin thereby affecting the effectiveness of the serum. Serums can be used both in the day and night time.


Who Should Use It?

Everyone! A serum is essential in all skincare routines. In the rare exceptions where your skin is hypersensitive or hyper problematic, you are advised to use fewer products in your routines. Depending on your skin needs you can choose from a variety of serums. For overall anti ageing needs, choose serums with vitamin C and collagen-stimulating ingredients. bSoul Chrono-lift Serum contains Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a form of vitamin C that is stable and helps to improve the look of an uneven skin tone. Confused by the uncountable types of serums out there? IOMA Mon Serum is a popular option for women who prefers to have a serum specially personalised for their unique skin concerns. Mon Serum’s base ingredients target hydration and protect the skin from fine particles in the air and blue light damage, while its 33,281 formulas are personalised to your skin’s multidimensional concerns of wrinkles, dark spots, oiliness and redness.