“Bo Jin” Massage Therapy for Body Discomfort: What You Need to Know


Maybe you have back pain from an old injury that does not go away, or mysteriously persistent stiffness in a specific area of your body but haven’t found relief no matter how many doctors, treatments, or medicines you consulted. Chronic problems like these can tire you out emotionally and physically and affects how you feel about yourself.


Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) or commonly known as “Bo Jin” massage therapy might ease your chronic problems.  


Read on to find out what is Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM massage) and how it provides relief to your chronic pain and other discomforts.


What is Meridians, Tissue Manipulation Massage?

Our body is made up of a complex system that includes muscles, nerves and fascia. While there is a lot of information about muscles, the studies on the fascia are in development.


Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. Fascia also has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as the skin, it tightens up when it is stressed. When it thickens, becomes sticky and dries up, fascia can tighten around the muscles, limiting your range of motions and cause pain to develop in the affected areas.


Muscles are made up of cells called muscle fibres. Healthy muscles are flexible, they expand and contract to allow you to move your body. They can sometimes shorten and tighten, depending on your posture, how you move your body and chronic inflammation. Body chemicals that cause pain can collect at certain spots, causing pain, limits your movement and feel tight.


Your pain can be due to fascia, muscles or both. Here is where MTM massage comes in. It is a treatment where knots in the fascia and muscles are released with uniquely shaped massage tools made from buffalo horns by pressing on affected knots, and plucking at stiffened fascia tissues and muscle fibres.


What Are The of Benefits Meridians, Tissue Manipulation Massage?

MTM Massage can alleviate and treat a whole lot of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, muscle tightness, bodily pain, including headaches, sinus blockage with consistently good results.


Your Meridian channels, a traditional Chinese Medicine concept in which energy known as “Qi”, flows, are also unblocked with MTM massage. The improved flow of Qi further restores the health of your body and mind. Seemingly unrelated chronic issues such as digestive issues, ringing in the eyes and spots in your vision tend to clear up after a few sessions.


What to Expect at a Meridians, Tissue Manipulation Massage?

Your therapist should go into your medical history and symptoms to get an understanding of your health, lifestyle and pain. She or he should also understand your pain tolerance from a massage. Your therapist will recommend either a full body or localised MTM massage treatment session, where one session is recommended at a minimum 60 minutes.


Your knots and bands of muscles will be worked on with buffalo horns, and the technique includes a variety of pressing and holding on the knots to release them and perpendicular plucking on the bands of muscles and fascia. Expect to feel pain and soreness in areas where there is a chronic blockage.


If you have hormonal imbalance or hormonal ageing symptoms, MTM Massage is usually performed with Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream to provide improvements to your hormonal well-being.  If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, general tightness and less mobility, QiActiv® Essential Oils are used during your MTM Massage treatment. Furthermore, these products provide better recovery at the end of the session up to a few days later.


Body massage oils do not provide therapeutic effects, act only as a lubricant for the treatment and at best, provide some nourishment to your skin. Beware of MTM Massages that are used with massage oils made of mineral oil, there is barely any post-treatment recovery benefits, and you should not be paying over the odds for these.



The therapy for your chronic problems does not stop at the end of your massage session. You should use products specific to your problems for continuous therapeutic improvement. You can also use self-massagers and fascia rollers to work on the affected areas.