Fascia, Chronic Pain, and You

What is Fascia? 

Fascia is an extremely thin layer of connective tissue found all over your entire body. Made up of primary collagen, Fascia encases all your muscles, bones, and internal organs.

Many ladies that are struggling with chronic pain may not understand the connection between fascia and our long-term health.


The Connection Between Fascia & Chronic Pain

Bad Fascia health is one of the most common causes of chronic pain. It’s your body’s most widespread tissue, and the one that is most sensitive to pain.

Since it houses all of your muscles, bones, and organs, the ability of your Fascia to communicate with your nervous system makes it the prime physical example of the mind/body connection.

Fascia, like any other organ or muscle, carries a risk of injury due to usage and surgery. Fascia can dry up due to injury or damage and stick to itself. That spells bad news, because Fascia that can’t move freely causes pain.

Fascia that gets stuck also presents another problem – it stops blood from getting where it needs to be. This lack of blood deprives your joints, internal organs, and muscles from receiving sufficient nutrition.

The final result of this impaired blood flow is chronic pain, tightness, and stiffness. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to ensure that your Fascia is healthy.


Essential Oils for Fascia Repair and Chronic Pain

Though practising yoga and deep fascial therapy have proven effective in improving Fascia health, they aren’t enough. Their positive effects can be amplified further through the use of the right supplements.

Topical supplements play an important role in supporting fascia health and recovery from inflammation. By aiding these functions, they help ensure that affected areas do not continue to deteriorate.

Meditrina QiActiv® Essential Oils combine traditional Chinese and Western medicinal herbs to reduce inflammation in the fascia and support healing. They improve blood circulation and help deliver nutrition to the tissues while also removing toxins.

For most people, daily application of 5 drops of QiActiv® Essential Oils to affected areas is enough to relieve fascia tension and pain.

If you love going for a weekly massage, you can ask your favourite masseuse to add 30 drops to an organic/natural massage oil. This will release the tension and let blood flow freely to the areas of your body that have felt tight for extended periods of time.

Those who experience chronic pain in areas around the womb and lower back can turn to QiActiv® Pelvic Care Essential Oil for comfort. This special blend contains Davana, a sacred Ayurvedic herb that has properties which alleviate symptoms commonly associated with periods.


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