How to Perfectly Balance Your Skin

It’s natural to worry more about skin problems only when you see visible blemishes. Otherwise, it can often be an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of situation.

However, there is a universal truth that your skin also subscribes to: prevention is better than cure.

In fact, focusing on preventative care could ensure that you avoid many common skin ailments.

How can you do this, you ask? Quite easily, through a process called physiological normalisation.


What is physiological normalisation?

Physiological normalisation is the restoration, rebalancing, and reorganisation of your skin’s main physical characteristics: water, oil(sebum), pH level, and proteins (especially keratin).

The process balances your skin, a fascinating and delicate organ, and prevents many common conditions from appearing.

Without this crucial balance, no specific product for the treatment of spots, acne, or wrinkles, will provide consistent and lasting results over time.

The reason is simple: problems will continue to reoccur if you choose to treat an imperfection instead of taking care of the underlying cause. Physiological normalisation acts as a preventative treatment for these problems.

Take, for example, the discolouration and spots that affect one in three women. In most cases, the spots are caused by a chronic inflammatory state, which results in an excessive production of melanin.

If you treat the spot with lightening treatments or peeling, you will likely achieve a temporary reprieve. It is now known that the condition will return after this period and could potentially worsen.

This is because you have not acted against the root cause, which is inflammation. Additionally, you have also not re-established the skin’s natural ability to defend itself from the sun.

When you balance the skin, you trigger the process of natural self-healing. In this case, because you have helped your skin recover its natural defences against the sun's rays, inflammation is effectively reduced.

This rule is not only valid for skin blemishes such as pigmentation. The process is the same for other imperfections like acne, early wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily skin and dry skin. Every imperfection is a child of the same skin malfunction: a lack of balance between water, sebum, pH and keratin.

There can be no lasting result if you do not balance your skin first. It would be almost useless to treat every single imperfection if you do not undergo a physiological normalisation first.


A mission to provide beautiful skin

Every woman deserves to have beautiful skin without the need for makeup.

That’s why we at the Holistic Anti-Ageing Project champion the use of the innovative physiological normalisation kit by bSoul, which normalises and reactivates the physiological functions of your skin. This allows it to regain hydration, sebum and the right pH level in a relatively short amount of time.

This gives your skin the resources it needs to recover and indirectly induce an anti-inflammatory action. This balance helps prevent the excessive accumulation of melanin, giving the skin a young, healthy and vibrant appearance.

When your skin starts working properly again, you will see it become more beautiful, toned, and luminous every day.


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