Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) Massage (Pioneered by Holistic Anti-Ageing Project)

Meditrina MTM Therapy

Most of us appreciate the occasional massage in the name of rest and relaxation. However, massage techniques were developed with a remedial rather than a relaxation aim in mind.


Massage techniques are believed to originate from China, backed by documentation dating back to 2700 BCE. While Swedish, Thai, and Javanese massages are commonly enjoyed as a form of muscle relaxation therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massages focus on healing, recovery, and energisation. If you find yourself in search of pain relief and something to raise your energy levels, the Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) massage, based on the core principals of Chinese Medicine, may just be the answer.


What is MTM?

The Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) massage is also popularly known as Bojin therapy, and offers a unique blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian expertise and Western Medicine muscle and bone research to manipulate acupuncture points, meridians, soft tissues and muscles. MTM practitioners utilise buffalo horn massage tools to perform the massage. MTM originated in Chinese Taipei, and was introduced to Singapore and Malaysia by Holistic Anti-Ageing Project under our “Meditrina” brand in 2012. 


How does MTM work?

How does MTM work?

Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) treatment is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy that external appearance is influenced by internal health. MTM therapists use specially crafted buffalo horn tools that allow them to extend efficacy to unlock knots in deep tissues and muscles. This provides significantly more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia. What about meridians you ask? TCM practitioners believe that meridians are the channels in our bodies through which the life-energy known as Qi flows. MTM massages specifically address these meridians, working on reducing blockages caused by health complications.


Why is it better than other TCM massages?

There are various other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massages that are efficient in relieving pain, however, most of them are only capable of working on superficial skin and muscle levels. The benefits of MTM massages lie in its ability to work on the deeper structures of connective tissue that surround muscle groups, blood vessels, nerves, restrictions, and scar tissue found in the muscles. Simultaneously, MTM works to stimulate the various meridians in the body to remove blockages and stagnant Qi from the body. The basic principle is that by clearing the meridian network, Qi is able to flow smoothly, providing more energy and longevity. 


Will I feel immediate relief?

Will I Feel Immediate Relief?

Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) treatment is typically provided over multiple sessions, depending on the severity of each individual. Most patrons are able to experience relief or a positive change in the targeted area after the first treatment. However, such relief is not necessarily a sign that the problem area is cured. Total recovery is typically achieved through a series of treatments prescribed by the MTM therapist. Thankfully, the benefits of a completed series of MTM or Bojin therapy are lasting. 


How is Holistic Anti-Ageing Project’s MTM unique? 

Our version of Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) treatment uses Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream to address hormonal imbalance symptoms commonly found in women. A massage is only as good as the product that is being absorbed by the body through the skin. Besides combating ailments disguised as pain, our MTM treatment can tackle lethargy, loss of libido, irregular periods and insomnia. 


MTM massages are a hugely efficient therapy course to explore for individuals who suffer from aches, pains, stiffness, general discomfort, and can even be utilised to address skin issues. Paired with other complementary therapies, MTM massages are capable of providing you with renewed vigor to enjoy your daily activities. A list of our day spa partners who provide our version of “Meditrina MTM massage” can be found here