BB Hydra Repair x Hydra Lip 01

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BB Hydra Repair covers skin blemishes while protecting the skin from water loss, UV damage and pollution.

It is important to keep lips soft, smooth, hydrated and healthy during the summer to protect them from sun damage. Hydra Lip is packed with superfood ingredients like avocado oil and olive oil, which keeps the lips moist and supple. It also contains LIPerfection, a purified extract of organic mustard sprouts, plumping the lips and increasing lip hydration after just one application.


Look fab with the help of bSoul Hydra BB Repair, a certified natural cream. You’ll also receive a free Hydra Lip Cream with each purchase until Sept 30!

bSoul BB Hydra Repair Color 1 (30ml)
bSoul Hydra Lip Cream (15ml)

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Please see individual product's ingredient list. 

Rock the natural make up look with this quick tutorial from renown makeup artist, Ilaria Borgioli.
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Please see individual product's ingredient list. 

Your lips may feel drier than before, or they may experience subtle peeling during the initial application of Hydra Lip. This is normal, as it is a result of the Physiological Normalisation of the skin on the lips.

Due to years of exposure to paraffins and other petroleum based ingredients in lip products, the delicate skin of your lips becomes dryer over time without your conscious knowledge. bSoul Hydra Lip works with the skin to restore its self hydration and moisturising function, allowing our skin to stay moist and soft all day long.

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