Essential Oils

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What are QiActiv® Essential Oils?

QiActiv® Essential Oils are one of the most exciting products we have ever developed because we noticed a lack of essential oils that support healthy fascia and chronic pain in the market. 

You know, the kind of pain that doesn't get better, even after hours of massage and physiotherapy, and even medicine doesn’t seem to help.

QiActiv® Essential Oils are developed especially for ladies suffering daily from chronic pain and are doing a TON of good for many ladies, relieving pain and tension in their bodies. They are made under a strict accordance to the “Jun Chen Zuo Shi” (Chief, Deputy, Assistant, Envoy Herbs) system, featuring a unique blend of traditional Chinese and Western medicinal herbs.


How do I use them?

You can use them any time of the day, just apply to the affected area and massage until they are absorbed. You can add them to your baths. You can bring them along for your regular massages, and add them to the massage oil. You can even diffuse them!


What makes QiActiv® Essential Oils different from other essential oils?

They are the first essential oils in the world blended under “Jun Chen Zuo Shi” (Chief, Deputy, Assistant, Envoy Herbs) system for the purpose of reducing chronic pain by improving fascia healing and reducing inflammation.

These are some of the things that set QiActiv® Essential Oils apart from the rest: 

>> UNIQUE USE of traditional Chinese and Western medicinal herbs – meaning they have a wholesome benefit to your fascia and muscles.

>> TIME TESTED WELL -BALANCED formulation – herbs, regardless of their individual benefits, must put together in their right ratios to maximise their healing potentials and absorption, while reducing their inherent toxicities. Most essential oils companies formulate their oils with little regard to balancing out the inherent toxicity that plants have in them. Not us!

>> HIGH REGARD WITH SAFETY AND QUALITY – We source from only farms that follow Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), and our essential oils are not adulterated or diluted with nasties and vegetable oils. Our oils are made with the highest quality and their results prove as much.


How do they smell?

QiActiv® Essential Oils are as authentic as they smell. QiActiv® Pelvic Care Essential Oil is base note as it is formulated to work on your lower torso. Myofascial Essential Oil is middle note with a slight rosemary aroma as it works on the upper back and shoulder blade areas.

Look no further for essential oils for your chronic pain.